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 You'll Never Face It Alone <3

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Who Is It
Who Is It

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PostSubject: You'll Never Face It Alone <3   Tue Jun 28, 2011 6:07 am

You’ll Never Face It Alone

“Get your a** back over here now” My boyfriend Tommy screamed.

I struggled to get up as I felt the pain rush to my head where he had previously hit me minutes ago. Eventually I got up and ran out the house as fast as u could ignoring the horrible pain go through my whole body. I didn’t know where in the world I was going but as long as I was away from him….

After what seemed like hours of running, I finally decided that it was safe enough to rest for awhile. I turned my head a bit I was laying in front of a huge white building. My mind would allow me to read the letters, for I was to dizzy and exhausted the next thing I knew I blacked out completely….

The Next Morning

As I opened my eyes looking around my new surroundings , I was confused more then ever.

“Hello Dear” I heard a sweet soothing voice say- I turned my head to find a beautiful middle aged African American women sitting in a chair.

“Helloo” I said raising my eyebrows in confusion.

‘Who was this women’

“Your problem wondering where you are huh” She said giggling.

“Aha” I said simply.

“Well sweetie I was walking out of the Kingdom Hall when I saw you lying there completely passed out so I helped you of course” she said calmly. I smiled.

“Wow thank you Ms…

“Mrs. Jackson… but call me Ms. Kate or Mother” she smiled.

“Mother … I like mother my momma died when I was a young girl I miss her so much” I said trying not to cry.

“Oh dear… im sorry to hear that but now im here for you.. you can stay here as long as you need to hon.” She said bringing me into a tight hug.

“Thank you I really appreciate it” I said wiping the few tears that had fallen down my cheek.

“Oh no need to cry now .. I gotta go downstairs and prepare breakfast it’ll be ready around 9:00 am I expect to see you downstairs you need to get some meat on those bones of yours” she laughed before walking out of the room.

I giggled making my way over to the bathroom. There was already towels and a change of clothes.

‘Mother’ was a really generous women… I had never met someone so kind other then my own mother…

Before getting in the shower I starred at my face in the mirror…

My eyes had dark purple circles around them where had punched me …Tears streamed down my face uncontrollably I couldn’t even recognize myself any more.. That’s how bad he had beat me…

I couldn’t help but wonder was I really free from him? This wasn’t the first time I had ran from him… But the first time I had gotten this far… before he caught me…

I took the time to say a quick prayer –Praying I would never see that monster of a man again…. in the name Of Jesus Amen...
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Who Is It
Who Is It

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PostSubject: Re: You'll Never Face It Alone <3   Tue Jun 28, 2011 6:08 am

This Chapter is Kind Of Sad) =

30 Minutes Later

After taking a hot long shower. I grabbed my small back-pack that contained of all make up& about 500.00$, I had hidden from my previous job. Did he ever work?

Nope! I had been with him since the tender age of 13 and not once did he ever work. He had always been a lazy bum! But no matter what I always loved him. Even when he had hit me countless times …I loved him.

When we had first met, I was this 13 year old nerdy girl… Him-the coolest boy in town… telling me I was ‘pretty or beautiful’ meant the world to me! And quickly I found my self falling for him, leaving my father and moving in with him. Once he got me where he wanted me (vulnerable more then ever) he started beating me. I guess it was to say ‘I own you now and im going to do whatever I want with you’ or when I refused to do anything sexual with him… he would beat me. But I didn’t care he could beat me all e wanted, one thing I promised to myself and to my mother is to stay a virgin until I found ‘the one’.

I loved him but the love was fading every day…every time he hit me… the loved faded until one day it was gone …vanished into the thin air… The only reason I stayed with him is because I really had no where to go… My father told me that if I left that day… he would disown me from the family… But I didn’t care because ‘I loooooved him’

My thoughts were interrupted when I heard a soft knock at the door.

“Just one moment” I said nervously taking my body make up and covering every little bruise from head to too… it didn’t take me very long After all this was a daily routine for me…. I looked in the mirror I looked …ok I guess …

“Come in”

“Oh hey hon. you look lovely those clothes fit you very well huh” She said looking at me with a grin plastered on her face.

“Thanks” I said looking down shyly.

“Aw don’t be bashful breakfast is ready come I want you to meet the family” she said pulling me out of the room!

Michael’s P.o.v.

I sat at the dining table waiting anxiously for thr mysterious girl mother had brought to the house yesterday evening …I was almost jumping out of my seat.

“Calm down Mike” My sister Latoya said looking at me oddly. I just gave her a sly smile.

“Okay everyone this Paz, Paz this is Janet my youngest child, Randy , Latoya an Michael”……
. ‘Mother’ sat pointing to the both of us.

“Hi” We all said unison. My hands started to sweat like crazy. This girl was beautiful … long curly brown hair pulled back into a braid showing her flawless face, light caramel skin.. just beautiful..

“Well hello nice to meet you all” she said blushing.

“You can sit here right next to me foxy mama” Randy said. ‘What a schmuck’ I thought giggling.

“Hey cut it out…. Paz you can sit right next to Michael” Mother said. Are eyes locked for a few seconds and I felt sparks in the air.

“Uhum” ‘Dunk’(Janet) cleared her throat making us both blush and the others giggled. Paz hurried over to the seat next to me with her head down in embarrassed.

The whole way through breakfast I couldn’t help but glance at her a few times.. ok maybe 5 times or… 6… 7… ok maybe around 10 or 12 Yeah 12! I couldn’t help it she was gorgeous.
2 Months Later

Paz’s P.O.V.

I had really grown close the Jackson Family they were all very sweet…in exception of Joseph he didn’t say much but when he did it was nothing pleasant… so I stayed away from him…

Little Janet was simply adorable. Once she started talking she never stopped, but she had very interesting stories to tell and did I mention she was adorable?? So I really didn’t mind…

Latoya was very shy and sweet. Very much of a girly-girl. She’s always wearing a long poofy skirts and such. Her whole room is full of pink furniture…. Were the complete opposite …But she’s very kind and sweet it’s easy to get along with her…

Randy was a mess! He tried to flirt with me 24/7! Once he even asked me to marry him ! Got down on his knee with a cherry flavored candy ring ! I’ll always remember that!... But he’s still polite and very funny!

Michael is silly,shy(sometimes), and Real Cute! I think out of all people I grew most attached to him so far… he was a real nice boy. And an amazing friend to me. One night everyone was sleeping except me and Michael. We were both making our way into the kitchen for a late night snack and bumped into each other. That night we both end up watching movies all night and telling each other our life stories… I felt like I could tell him anything and everything…His heart is pure… a true friend and a confidant ….

“What you writtin” Michael asked resting his chin on my shoulder, causing me to jump slightly.

“Michael” I yelled wacking him with my journal.

“Whaaat” He giggled taking a seat next to me on the white fluffy couch.

“You scared me boy” I said pinching his cheek.

“Hey” he said grabbing both of my small wrist and pushing me off the couch.

“Michael that huuuurt” I said knowing it didn’t hurt one bit because of the soft rug cushioning my fall.

“Liar liar pants on fire I would never hurt my best friend” He said rolling off the couch and laying next to me on the rug.

“You better not or im gonna have to put you on time out” I giggled.


“Oh you think I want” I asked.

“Nope” He giggled loudly. Oh how much I loved his bright child like laugh!

“Your laugh is beautiful Mike” I said seriously. His cheeks turned into a bright shade of red!

“Your embarrassing me Paz”

“Sorry Mikey”

“Its o.k. Paz… What does your name mean anyway” He asked raising his thick eyebrows.

“It means Peace…in Spanish my mother named me that… she was Hispanic” I said looking down in tears. I rarely spoke about my mother.

“Yeah… That’s beautiful its ok Paz you can cry on my shoulder” he whispered bringing me into a hug. I smiled through my tears Michael always new how to make me feel just right.

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Who Is It
Who Is It

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PostSubject: Re: You'll Never Face It Alone <3   Tue Jun 28, 2011 6:09 am

“You know Paz you’re my best friend… really I trust you girl”

“Wow I never had a best friend”

“Me either” He said kissing my forehead tenderly.

“I …I love you …you know as a friend” I said nervously.

“I love you more Paz”

“What are you doing with my women” Randy asked entering the room with his arms crossed.

“Shut up with yo’ monkey looking self” Michael said throwing a pillow straight at his head. He ran away quickly in fear. I giggled as me and Michael got up.

“Hey wanna got the park” ???

“Suuure but how am I supposed to do that”?

“Ever heard of a disguise” I asked with a mischievous smile. We smiled at each other before running upstairs giggling like a bunch of kids.

In ‘My Room”

“Okaaay lets get this hat on ya’” I said struggling to get the baseball cap over his huge fro.

“Ooow” He groaned in pain.

“Sorry my dear” I said finally getting the baseball cap over his head.

“Your not sorry” He pouted looking simply adorable.

“Of course I am here” I said handing him a false mustache and beard.

“Where’d you get these” He asked examining the beard and mustache in his hands.

“A store”

“Well duh what store”?

‘Why’d he have to be so dang nosy”?

“Just put it on apple head” I laughed.


“Yup your head is shaped like a big o’ apple” I said poking at the side of his head.

“Hey stop” He said grabbing my tiny index finger.

“Let go or ill bite” I warned with wide eyes. He just giggled squeezing my poor little finger with his huge hand. I bit his huge hand! Well I did warn em’ didn’t I???

He let go instantly his hand throbbing in pain!

“Oowie oowie oooowie” He screamed like a pitiful little girl, I couldn’t help but laugh.

“It’s not funny” He pouted once again.

“Aaaw im sorry apple-head” I said trying to hold in my laughter.

“No your not” he said placing the mustache and beard on.

“You look outta sight” I said trying to make him laugh.

“Suure” he furrowed his eyebrows together.

“Aaaw don’t be a party pooper” I said squeezing his butt.

“Heey” He laughed. Yay! Finally got a laugh out of him!!
“Heeey” Someone yelled from outside the door. That someone was little Ms. Janet

“Hold on Dunky Fried Chicken” Michael said using his nickname for her. I whacked him upside his big head.

“Stop calling her that...the doors open baby girl” I said.

Janet opened the door dressed in a dark blue shirt , bright yellow overalls and small white platforms ‘Come on it’s the 70’s’ … And of course her trade mark puff ball.

“Hi Paz” she said wrapping her arms around my waist. I smiled warmly and returned the hug.

“So what’s up sweetie” I asked

“Well…. Randy told me that he heard you and Michael were going to the park and I was wondering if I could come with you guys”

“Of cour…” Michael interrupted me rudely

“Sorry Dunk not this time” he said sweetly.

“Why not Mike” we said in unison.

Michael’s P.ov.

“I um… well… uh” I stuttered nervously.

“Sorry Mike that’s not a good enough explanation… Now I think you might want to change into some sneakers little cutie and meet us downstairs in five” I giggled.

I sighed deeply.

“What’s wrong” Paz asked pressing her hands against my shoulders gently. She reminded me so much of Mother it was ridiculous… that was probably the best part of her she was so loving and caring.

“Nothing I just wanted to um… talk to you alone” I blushed furiously.

“Well we can sit on the benches still watching the baby girl and talk about whatever” she said running her little fingers against my cheek. Making me blush once again.

Minutes Later/P.o.v.

Mike and I made our way downstairs, little Janet sat by the door with her knees pulled to her chest waiting patiently.

“Ready Dunky…” I gave him the ‘Don’t you dare’ look before he finished he just nodded quickly in agreement.

“Ready Jan.” he corrected himself.

“Yup”! She said brightly grabbing onto our hands. We walked over to the park since Michael nor I had are license yet. But the three of us needed the walk, it was nice and peaceful. But as soon as we got the park Janet ran over to the playground where a few other girls her age were, sitting on the swings. Michael and I walked over to the benches closes to the playground. Still keeping a close eye on Janet.

“Hey slow down baby girl” I said worried at how fast she was running. The last thing I wanted was for her to fall and trip on the concrete … Been there done that! I cringed at the memory.

“Okay” she said slowing down.

“Thank you honey”. Michael squeezed my hand tightly giving me a cheesy smile. I laughed it off. I don’t know why but Michael had been much more affectionate towards me lately but I loved every minute. After the abusive relationship I had been with I vowed to never date anyone EVER again… But I would happily break that vowel for Michael…

“Hey there’s are spot” he said pointing at a certain bench that we sat on every time it wasn’t occupied by someone else.

We both just sat there admiring Mother Nature while swinging are hands back and forth. Michael starred at me with one of the goofiest smiles ever.

“Whaat” I asked embarrassed I hated when he starred at me but im sure I did the same to him a lot as well.

“Nooothin” He said ****ing his head to the side.

“Your so silly” I said pocking at his cheek.

“So are you” He said resting his huge head on my shoulder.

“Dang what are you trying to break my shoulder bone with your big head” I asked playfully. He laughed lightly.

It was silent for a moment or so but it wasn’t the uncomfortable silence … it just felt right… We would smile at each other occasionally or squeeze at each others hands….

Michael’s P.o.v.
This just felt so right…So so so right….. Was it the time?? Should I ask her now… but what if she said no… Maybe it would be moving to fast… I mean we had only known each other for 2 months or so… But we loved each other… But she loved me as a friend!

What if I waited to long and she met somebody else and forgot about me…

I should just do it….

“Hellooo you o.k. sweetie” she asked concerned very noticeable in her voice.
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Who Is It
Who Is It

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PostSubject: Re: You'll Never Face It Alone <3   Tue Jun 28, 2011 6:10 am

Oh yeah..Um Paz you know I love don’t you” I asked trying to stay calm.

“Aha” she said raising her eyebrows in confusion.

“Well I was wondering… well… I was thinking maybe we could try to go steady” I ranted like an idiot.(Remember it’s the 70’s LOL)

I know she’s not going to say yes…Why’d I even ask?

“Oh wow Mike I ..I don’t know what to say” she said not daring to look in m eyes. Tears were brought to my eyes immediately.

“Oh just forget I ever asked you” I said before running off. I was too embarrassed to even have her look at me even more.

Paz’s P.O.V.

“Mike” I screamed . But it was no use Michael just kept on running and I wouldn’t just leave little Janet here by herself.

“Janet hon.’ we need to go home” I said walking over to her. Im guessing interrupting a conversation with the little girl sitting next to her. She had a huge frown on her face.

“Whhhy” she asked.

“Mike ran off I need to talk to him, ill bring you back as soon as were done talking” I said seriously.

“Promise” she asked skipping towards me.

“Promise baby girl” I said brushing my hand over her hair.

Back at Hayven Hurst/Michael’s P.O.V.

This scene is really sad guys )=

I sat in my room staring at my self through a small hand mirror looking at my reflection in disgust! Who was I even kidding she was beauty and I was the hideous beast. Pimples all over my face, huge nose. Tears streamed down my face uncontrollably. I through my mirror against the wall violently making it shatter into pieces.

“ I hate the way I look” I said pulling at my afro in frustration.

“Michael open this dang door” Paz screamed.

“Nooo” I cried.

“Please… we need to talk and you know it” she yelled. I knew she was telling the truth but I was way too embarrassed to speak to her now.

“Open the door now… or im going to get Joseph…im not jiving” She said seriously. I unlocked the door quickly. I unlocked the door quickly he was the last person I wanted to see right now.

“Its open” I said sitting on my bed. She walked in slowly as soon as our eyes met I blushed with my head down.

“Michael Joseph Jackson how dare you run off like that you had me worried sick about you’ she said Obviously angry and oddly sounding just like Mother once again.

“Im sorry” I said in shame.

“Im just happy your ok” she said hugging me tightly.

“Yes” she whispered into my ear.

“Yes what” I asked in confusion.

“Yes we can go steady on once condition” She said trying to hide her smile.

Were my ears deceiving? Maybe this was just a dream…. She couldn’t actually want to be with me… this had to be a dream! Oh somebody pinch me.

“Michael” she said hitting me playfully.

“Yes can I ask you a question Paz” I asked.

“Yeah” She said twisting her lips.

“Am I dreaming” I asked foolishly.

“Nooo” she said looking at me oddly.

“Ok so you’re serious…what the condition is” she asked.

“As long as mother’s ok with it… if it wasn’t for Mother I don’t know where I would be so I won’t date her son as long as she’s ok her opinion matters the most …to me” She said seriously.

“I love you so much Paz were have you been all my life” I asked playfully.

“Ha-ha so corny Mike … But I still love you boy”

“You actually want to be with me though” I asked still not believing it myself.

“Why wouldn’t I”? She asked.

“Well im not the best looking guy around” I said looking down once again.

“Michael look at me” she said lifting my chin with her petite fingers. I looked up at her in tears.

“You really don’t know how gorgeous you are…Beautiful big brown doe eyes, high cheek bones, full lip, soft mocha skin, beautiful black hair…your tall… you have a body to die for..beautiful simply beautiful is what you are. Don’t let Joseph tell you any different he just talks about you to make himself feel better your brothers do the same thing. They don’t want to admit it but you’re the best looking, and most talented out of them all there’s no competition between any of your family members with out you there would be no Jackson Five im telling you Michael” She said. I sucked my lips as warm tears streamed down my face.

“Your jiving right”?

“Of course not Sweetie sometimes I can’t stop starring at you” she admitted as her cheeks turned into a light shade of red.

“Oh wow your embarrassing me girl… but you’re the beautiful one” I said making her embarrassed as well.

“Well thank you and it’s the truth you know I don’t lie to you I tell it how it is” …

We starred at each other for a moment before are lips met in a slow sensual kiss. I had never kissed a girl in my life…unless you counted Mother…

I cupped her neck with my hand gently deepening the kiss. She leaned forward making us both fall back on the soft bed. I took her soft butt in my hands that I had admired from afar for so long.

“Mmm” We both moaned as our private areas brushed against each other every so often as out make out session continued.
I squeezed her butt as she deepened the grind against my hardening groan.

“Oh Paz baby that feels amazing keep on doing it” I whispered.

“Aaaah Mike” she moaned slipping her tongue into my mouth I did the same, before we knew it are tongues were playing a game of tug of war. She took hold of my shoulder as she rode quickened her pace.

“Don’t ever stop you feel so good girl” I said giving her small butterfly kisses on her slightly exposed breast.

“Michael” she sighed.

“Michael what are you oooh was I interrupting something” Marlon asked as he entered the room.

Paz’s P.ov.

I jumped off of Michael adjusting my clothes. We were both blushing and panting trying to catch out breathes as Marlon walked in the room with a goofy grin on his face.

“What were you to doing in here” He asked.

“What are you talking bout” Michael asked trying to act like he had no idea what his older brother was talking bout.

“I heard moaning and groaning” Marlon said.

“Im going to be in my room Mike …uh nice seeing you Marlon” I said before rushing to my bedroom……..

Paz’s Room

I laid the back of my head on the soft white pillow. I couldn’t believe what me and Michael had just done… grinding on each other like that. I felt sort of guilty about it but I have to admit it felt so good … And his lips were so soft and his touch was so delicate …

But how would I tell Mother?? Would she be ok with me dating her son?? I knew Michael wasn’t her youngest but that was still her baby boy. And even he didn’t want to admit it he was a huge momma’s boy and really close to Mother…. I hope she would say yes…

Michael’s Room

“Sorry bro. didn’t know yaw’ were getting down up in here” Marlon said nudging me

“We were not Marlon it was just kissing” I said looking down.

“Mhm kissing …that explains the moaning and your bed squeaking”

“Im serious Marlon you know im waiting for marriage” I said seriously.

“Okay,okay little bro calm it on down… so are you guys together” he asked.

“I don’t know she wants Mother to approve of it first”

“Well good luck with everything Mike im coming back tomorrow call me if you need anything” He said before walking out.

Wow that was something! I had never felt that good in my life… so right… I loved that girl so much! I prayed that mother said it was ok!

Maybe I should go check on Paz yeah I want to make sure she’s alright.

Paz’s P.o.v.

“Paz can you do my hair” Janet asked.

“What do you want me to do to it” I asked.

“Straighten it” She said eyeing the flat iron placed on my vanity.

“Oh no missy Mother would kill me”

“Noo she wouldn’t Toya does it”

“Latoya is 18 did, Little Janet it 8” I Said tapping her on her head.

Someone knocked on the door all of a sudden.

“Who is it” Janet asked.

“Its Michael can I come in Paz” Butterflies formed in my stomach as I heard his beautiful voice.

“Sure” I answered.

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Who Is It
Who Is It

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PostSubject: Re: You'll Never Face It Alone <3   Tue Jun 28, 2011 6:11 am

“Oh hey you two dinners ready …what’s going on between the two of you” Mother asked crossing her arms.

“Mother I think you should sit down for this” Michael said.

“Oh please don’t tell me you got her pregnant Michael” she said holding her chest. We both giggled. Mother just smiled in embarrassment and sat next to us.

“Mother …Paz and I want to have your approval in somethin” Mike said nervously. I held his hand for comfort.

“And what may that be” se asked,

“We would like to know if it was ok with you if went steady” I said. Mother smiled at the two of us.

“Do you guys really care for each other”? She asked seriously.

“Of course we love each other” We said in unison making mother giggle.

“Well you to are young... But if you love each other then im not going to stop you… But I won’t tolerate sex in my house I trust you two I don’t want you guys to be having kids while you to are still kids yourself ya hear”

“Yes Mother” We said blushing.

”By the way Paz you start school with Michael next week at Encino High I love you both and I hope this works out” She said sweetly.

“Love you too mother”

“Be downstairs in five minutes Joseph’s home and you know he hates to wait for dinner” She said before walking out.

“Oh man! I can’t believe you’re my lady now foxy mama” he said kissing me.

“Yeah it’s great” I said hugging him tightly.

“Say no more… say no more”

At The Dinner Table

Surprisingly dinner was quiet since Randy decided not to come down for dinner and poor little Janet was to terrified of Joseph to speak. While Mother excused herself after finishing her food…and Janet fallowed after her…. Leaving Me, Michael and Joseph in the most awkward situation of my life. He just starred at us in disgust as we whispered silly things into each others ears giggling softly. It seemed as if he never liked to see people happy…

As me and Michael got up from our seats Joseph yelled…

“Sit you a** down boy” Michael started to shake and sat down like a trained god obeying his master. I sat down with him as well rubbing his back trying to calm him down. I had no idea why but every one in the house seemed to be afraid of Joseph especially Michael. Sometimes when Joe. Walked in a room Michael would just run out of the room and you could here him vomiting violently… but I never dared to ask anyone why the family was so scared of Joseph….or why they called there father Joseph

“Ye...Ye…yes Joseph” Michael studdurd nervously.

“What’s going on between you and this girl” He said eyeing me I just rolled my eyes he doesn’t scare me one bit never did and never will…

“What do you mean” He asked.

“You guys better not be doin nothing …you don’t need to be datin nobody you need to focus on your career boy not no girl, you don’t need no distractions” He said pointing his wrinkled finger in Michael’s face. Michael hung his head down I knew he would break down in tears.

“You understand boy” ! He yelled.

“Yes” he said before running off. I shook my head at Joe before following Michael....

….Following Michael. As I walked into the room I heard Michael weeping softly.

“Oh sweetie” I said rushing over to him.

“Yeah” he said tuning his head towards me, his whole face was red from crying.

“Are you ok”? I asked slipping under the covers with him. He just shrugged his shoulders wiping a few tears away.

Michael’s P.O.V.

“Why are you crying”? I asked confused.

“Because when you cry… I cry im so sorry he treats you like that”

“I love you with every fiber in my bone” I said cupping her cheeks and pressing my lips against hers gently.

“I love you too” she said showering me with kisses on every inch of my face.

“Stay with me tonight, I need you by my side tonight” I said looking deeply into her almond shaped eyes.

“Anything for you” she said smiling up at me ,since I was so much taller then her.

“Thank you…. What about what Joseph said” I asked raising my eyebrows.

“F*ck Joseph” she whispered making me laugh loudly.

“You’re so bad… That’s why I love you so much” I giggled hugging her tightly.

“No im just not afraid of him… why are you so afraid of him hon.’” She asked rubbing my shoulder.

“Well...(sigh) you promise you wont tell” ? I asked looking her straight in the eye trying seeking any dishonesty.

“Pinky Promise” she said pointing her pinky out to me.

“Pinky promise” I repeated interlocking are fingers together.

“Woooh that’s your pinky” she exclaimed as her eyes widened in shock.

“Oh be quiet meany …now do you want me to tell you our not” I said seriously. She nodded her head yes…….
“O.k. well Joseph has never been... well hm known as a nice person in the family… never even showed affection towards any of us not even Mother well... not in front of us ,but um he would… well…

Paz’s P.O.V.

“You can trust me” I whispered in a comforting tone. He nodded his head slowly before continuing.

“He used…used to beat us... Over little things, leaving are shoes around...the simplest things …And when the group started he would make us practice and practice for gigs we would do around Gary like local clubs or night clubs”

“Clubs” I couldn’t help but interrupt.

“Yup! When most kids were in bed sleep we were at clubs the strip tease use to come on right after us…My teachers would always send nose home saying that I came to school to sleep cause I barely got any sleep coming home at 3 am and waking up at 6”

I nodded my head listening to every word he said intensively

“After all the hard work finally paid off and we signed with Motown you would think he would be a bit kinder but nope! He would be in the audience starring at us as if he was an animal in the jungle ready to catch its pray …and if we dared to miss one step we knew we would be getting a beaten right after the show. Once I got older instead of physically abusing me he mentally jacked me up. Especially in the begging of the …well puberty (Blushing like crazy)… till this day he always calling me ugly… big nose... He always say you didn’t get it from me you must’ve got if from Katie’s side cause’ you know he calla mother Katie …he’s just so mean for no dang reason”

Me and Michael were now crying in each other’s arms.

“I’m so sorry” I whispered. He just grabbed onto me tighter.

“I love you so much Paz” he said nuzzling my neck.

“I love you to Michael… But always remember that your extremely blessed …so blessed you have the most amazing women for a mother… I miss mine so much…ya know. I really needed a mother when I “Fell in love” with Antonio, I needed a mother when the kids schooled me every name in the book and beating the heck out of me. So you may not have the best father but you have Mother…and millions of people who love and appreciate the many gifts have bestowed on you” I whispered cupping his chin in my hand forcing him to look at me with his tear stained face.

“Your right and best of all…I got you” he whispered lovingly.

“Yup you got me forever and always”

“Forever and always” he questioned raising his eyebrows.

“Of course im always for you” I said wrapping my arms around his petite waist.

“So am I … Let’s get married foxy mama” He exclaimed!
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You'll Never Face It Alone <3

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