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 She's Invincible <3

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Who Is It
Who Is It

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PostSubject: She's Invincible <3   Tue Jun 28, 2011 6:02 am

Girl Wont Give Into Me, Why Ain't Ya' Fellin' Me???..........

“Oh my gosh guuuurl were gonna see Michael F*ck*ng Jackson” My best friend literally screamed at the top of her lungs. I sighed deeply. Embarrassed as people starred at us.

“Calm down” I whispered grabbing hold of her shoulders roughly.

“But it’s ….”

“Michael f*ck*ng Jackson I know” I finished tiredly.

She had been screaming his name for the last two hours as we stood in line waiting for her to get her copy of her Invincible CD signed by her” Future Husband”. We had been best friends since the tender age of 4 years old meeting in pre-school And she had been a Michael Jackson fanatic since the day I met her. When we first met she carried a Michael Jackson backpack, Michael Jackson Notebooks, Folders, etc. She dragged me to almost every Jacksons concert that came to our town, The Bad Tour, The Dangerous Tour and History…. Hours up on hours sitting at her computer desk browsing through Michael Jackson fan clubs and such… Even though those weren’t some of my favorite things to do, I did them as her friend. Plus she was a wonderful friend. And I never thought of Michael Jackson as a bad person, or a bad looking person, Actually he was mighty fine in my opinion. But unlike Tiffany I thought of him as a human While she insisted he was some type of Angel in disguise…

“Excuse me Miss” An unfamiliar voice said, I turned around to find a large bulky man clothed in a black suite, His head completely bold.

“Uh yes”? I asked praying silently I wasn’t in any kind of trouble.

“Hello, miss Im Mr. Jackson’s security guard and he has sent me here to tell you(Pulls out a piece of paper) He thinks your very beautiful and would be very happy to get to know you better…And would love to have your number” He said reading off of a small hand written note. I couldn’t believe this , Why in the world would Michael Jackson want my number?? Psh! Please that was the guy code for “ Your very beautiful and I would be very happy to get you in bed sometime soon”. Michael Jackson my A** , He was still a man. A man with a **** ….

“Uh Um no thanks” I said.

“Well wow thank you for you time…


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Who Is It
Who Is It

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PostSubject: Re: She's Invincible <3   Tue Jun 28, 2011 6:04 am

“Hold up, wait a d*mn minute!!! Here’s her home, cell. And work number “Tiffany exclaimed taking out a piece of paper out of her bag and jolting the numbers down quickly. I couldn’t believe her it took every fiber in my bone not to snatch that weave out of her head and tackle her to the ground.

“Um thank you miss Mr. Jackson will greatly appreciate this” Tiffany just stood there smiling proudly like a child presenting a home made gift to a parent.

“Anything for Miiiichael” She cooed. I rolled my eyes irritated beyond words, Surprised not one bit….

“How could you do that” I screamed hitting her shoulder roughly.

“Oh just be quiet you know you wanted to give him your number were just afraid that I would get jealous and mad at you” She laughed nudging me playfully. I smiled slightly. That was somewhat true I have to admit. But most of it was because, for starters I don’t know him! Or what he was out for!!!

“Michael’s beautiful, kind, smart, sensitive, strong, talented, love’s children and animals just like you! What else could you ask for, Your perfect for each other”! She insisted I just shook my head.

“STILL I think that should’ve been my decision” I said toying with my violet colored nails.

“I’m sorry Audrianna I just got so excited… I’m sorry babes” She said truthfully. I hugged her gently.

“It’s all good I still love ya’ sis” I smiled.

“Love you more my darling” She said squeezing me tightly.

“Mooove it!” An old man yelled from behind us. We hurried along as the line moved swiftly, giggling as we did so. Most of the time we could laugh about anything and everything.

Before we knew it were in front of Michael Jackson himself or as Tiffany would say Michael f*ck*ng Jackson. He was dressed in a silky long sleeve shirt, with matching tight silky blue pants. He looked… pretty sexy.

“Oh Michael I love you so much” Tiffany screamed. I looked down in embarrassment. As Michael giggled shyly.

“I love you more” He uttered his three famous words. Tiffany nearly fainted and I grabbed a hold of her quickly.

“Are you ok ? I could get the paramedics” Michael said sweetly. His eyes now full of concern.
Tiffany shook her head quickly.

“Ya sure”?

“Aha …im sorry it’s just so hard to believe your actually right here in front of me…. And I oh” She studered upon her words nervously.

“ Well… She’s a very long-time fan, and loves you very much, and she’s very nervous” I explained. He swept his tongue across bottom lip slowly looking me up and down. It took me every fiber in my bone not to slap him…. But I also couldn’t help but sit there and blush like a fool. “Don’t give into him” My mind told me

“I understand completely . But I want you to know I truly do love all my fans and appreciate you guys for staying with me through my hard times” He said honestly, After exchanging a few more words Michael handed Tiffany her signed cd, with a smile plastered on his face. We walked… Well Tiff. Skipped away complete joy.

“Did you see how he was checkin’ you out guuurl, Ooh- wee runnin that tongue over those gorgeous lips” Tiffany said as we drove out of the malls parking lots.

“Can you shut the h*ll up” I giggled nudging her a bit.

Audrianna’s P.O.V.

I stretched out on my leather couch snuggled in a warm blanket, With a tub of popcorn beside me I just sat there listening to the calming sound of the rain drops hitting my window seal. Making me drowsier. Until I was interrupted by the loud annoying sound of my phone ringing , Which just happened to be placed right next to my ear.

“Ugh Hello” I groaned in the phone tiredly. Come on could you blame with me …I finally was going to get some sleep after a long week of school… And working at the local burger joint …It wasn’t easy especially when I was doing it all on my own…

“Um maybe I should call back later sorry…”

“Who is this” I questioned furrowing my eyebrows slightly, in confusion.

“It’s Michael… Michael Jackson” His velvety voice rang in my ear. Aw hell, I forgot about Tiffany giving his security guard my number … Every single phone number I had.

“Oh hi uh how are you” I asked casually. I mean that was the thing I said to most people when fist having a decent conversation… I heard him giggle over the phone, I couldn’t help but smile.

“Im feeling pretty good, Thanks for asking, And how are you” ?

“Im very sleep and a bit surprised you called, But there’s something you should really know”


“Um well my friend… Uh never mind” I said quickly

“You sure about that”

“Aha I forgot … Uh anyway” I lied.

“Oooh, k.” He said… Well this was awkward.

“So… Do you mind if I ask you something”?

“No of course not… Go ahead”

“Why’d you want my number”?

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She's Invincible <3

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