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 Behind The Mask CD

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PostSubject: Behind The Mask CD    Mon Apr 11, 2011 10:19 am

Listen to "Behind The Mask"

BEHIND THE MASK will be the new single from the compilation "Michael" by Epic Records/Sony Music in FRANCE. A physical release is currently in the works.

Official press release (in French!) --> http://www.michaeljackson.com/fr

"Behind The Mask" contains a sample of the eponymous song "Behind The Mask", originally created by Japanese electro pop group Yellow Magic Orchestra which was founded in 1978. The group is considered to be a pioneer of the electro pop music. Apart from that their music is still being remixed and used by contemporary artists.

As Michael Jackson discovered the song "Behind The Mask" by the group Yellow Magic Orchestra he asked its writer, Ryiuchi Sakamoto, for permission to create his own proper version of the song and to write his own lyrics. [Note: The original is mostly an instrumental piece of music and besides the vocoder vocals doesn't have any lyrics.] Sakamoto agreed immediately. That way Michael has created this version that needs to have been recently completed by John McClain, composer of numerous hits of Janet Jackson and a friend of the King of Pop, for the album "Michael". [Note: The song wasn't completed by John McClain, instead he made an entirely new version to make it sound more modern for inclusion on the album.]

The album "Michael" is the first posthumous release. Thus this album is not such a piece of work that Michael Jackson would really have approved of being released, with much imperfection that have caused polemics. [Note: Sony Music is directly addressing here the disappointments of the fans about some songs.] But now, after the diffusion of the song "Breaking News", the first extract chosen by The Estate of Michael Jackson and Sony Music to sound the bell for the release of the album "Michael", plus the allowance of Michael Jackson's choice to choose "Hold My Hand" as the first official single, you'll find all that energy of Michael Jackson that made him stand out in the '80ies again in "Behind The Mask".

"Behind The Mask" is a passionate, funky title, in fine a breathtaking Michael. With this new single of the album "Michael" fans of Michael Jackson will regain a more authentic song. The pleasure to discover Michael Jackson afresh remains the strongest feeling.


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PostSubject: Re: Behind The Mask CD    Sun May 15, 2011 10:54 pm

Awesome - I can't wait to get my vinyl.

''Someone's is knock-knock-knockin' at my door, I ain't buying of that anymore...''
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tyff says WHOA
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Who Is It

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PostSubject: Re: Behind The Mask CD    Sat Jul 16, 2011 12:01 pm

'Tis good. 'Tis REAL good.
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PostSubject: Re: Behind The Mask CD    

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Behind The Mask CD

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