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 Movies, movies, movies :)

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PostSubject: Movies, movies, movies :)   Sat Sep 11, 2010 2:08 pm

Hey folks!

I´m a big cinema lover, so I was thinking why not to open a thread about movies?
You can write about your favourites, films you have seen lately and what impressions do you have from them, which films you would recommend for the others, simply about CINEMA Smile

I love actually anything except from horrors and X-rated films lol! I have many favourites, from Lord of The Rings (which is probably my favourite film ever) through Titanic, from Music & Lyrics to Dirty Dancing, from Bridget Jones to Dances With Wolves, from Memoirs Of A Geisha to E.T. The Extraterrestrial Very Happy Ooo and of course, MOONWALKER, GHOSTS and THE WIZ lol! Really loads of lovely films are among my favourites, so I can maybe pick one of them for start....Maybe........hmmm.....

The Lake House..... (with Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves)
For those who haven´t seen this film, it´s something between a romance and a drama. A young doctor moves into a house at a lake, hoping to find some peace there. She has nothing and noone there with her just a dog which comes to her and doesn´t want to leave so she keeps it. There is also a young architect, living alone also with a dog. The problem is, he lives in the same house (with the same dog) but ...two years apart from the woman....
There is also a mailbox at the house, where both of them send letters to eachother, not knowing at the beginning, that they are writing to eachother but actually being apart by two years.
As it happens in such films, after they get "to know" eachother better, help eachother in some situations of their lives, they fall in love, despite of never having seen eachother (at least they think so for a while).... But when they arrange a meeting (it´s somehow funny when she makes a reservation in a restaurant for an evening two years later and the receptionist stares at her with the look of "ok, I´m calling white coats now affraid " Laughing ), something happens and they don´t meet.... When they finally find out what it was, they realize this is not just a matter of love, but also of life and death....

It may be confusing for a while because of the time shift, but it´s really a beautiful and very emotional story, with brilliant acting and just a moving ending... When I watched it for the first time, I got shivers and I caught myself at one certain part of the film begging for a positive thing to happen in it and not the negative one I was expecting ... It felt so real, that it almost scared me.... Anyway, I LOVE this film so much and for everyone who wants to get some hope and needs something nice for their soul, this is just the right film to watch I love you


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Movies, movies, movies :)

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