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 Smooth Criminal Points Competition (TRIAL)

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PostSubject: Smooth Criminal Points Competition (TRIAL)   Sun Nov 29, 2009 1:12 pm

Hey Generation Jackson Fans!!

Here we are going to have a fun competition!

Where you can recieve points but points can be taken away if someone does not agree with. This is just for pure fun and there are prizes to be won!

If you notice next to someones post there is a Positive sign and a Negative sign, you have to click one of them but as soon as you have chosen which one you would like, it is irreversible.

Rules for the Competition

1. Do NOT get other members to give you positive because you want to win, this is going to be a fair played game, if anyone gets caught doing this they will be removed from the Smooth Criminal Points!

2. You dont have to agree/disagree with every post so you dont have to give/take away points, as for this you are only given 5 chances to give someone a negative/postive each day to make it fair. Once the person reaches 0 they stay at zero till someone gives them a Positive.

3. Give points to the people who you think make the forum a friendly and happy place, or even if they have helped you with something, or if you have learned a new fact which you think is amazing.

4. Take away points from posts that you don´t agree with, or who is bullying (if this happens report this to a member immediately!)

5. Have Fun!

You can win additional points by adding friends, winning competitions or giving good ideas to the forum and we use them, these points will come from Admins/Mods.

Keep The Faith

Generation Jackson Team! Very Happy

(if this succeeds we will deside later if prizes should be involved, hopefully prizes will be so play safe!)


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Smooth Criminal Points Competition (TRIAL)

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